Sunday, April 24, 2005

No more tests in med-school, by Zsila

We finished our Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exams! Yea! I'm so glad! Julie reminded me that is our last test in medical school. to think of all the tests we've taken and they are over, praise the Lord! that is an awesome feeling. this test actually wasn't that big of a deal, but it was necessary that we pass it online.

can i tell you about the journey we had while taking it? before we left for chang mai we were only able to take the first part of the two exams. that was b/c of a time factor and interference with nature, shall we call it. it was hilarious. it was late the night before we left and julie and i were in the lounge and we kept having interruptions by all God's creatures great and small. we'd be trying to read the book or take the test and then you would see something move by out of the corner of your eye and it was almost as if we were watching a tennis match. our eyes would be looking at the test or the book and then you'd see our heads move from right to left as we silently in unison followed the path of the lizard on the wall right in front of us. not to mention the sounds these lizards make. lizards the length of your pinky finger can hoot and holllar let me tell you. it sounds like a loud kissing hi-pitched noise. we always know where one is when we hear this. oh i love it when i hear it coming from near my bed especially! :) then an 8 legged spider would run across the desk just above the keyboard when we were trying to take a timed exam! at one point i was sitting across the room and julie was at the computer and all the sudden she froze and gasped. oh yes, sitting right next to the mouse of the computer was a massive tree roach! at this point, i couldn't take it any longer. this was not condusive to studying or my distraction free test environment! :) if only the people in america knew what we were going through just to pass this test. only in thailand can you have modern technology coexist with lizards and every type of tropical insect that you've only seen in museums. trust me! i'm serious, i saw a spider the other day that was something i have seen in the natural science museum and i'm pretty sure it was poisonous. great!
back to the roach - like i said, enough was enough. i calmly asked for a shoe and went to town getting that buddy. he was a little fast so at first i only got part of him and he turned over and did the famous cochroach dance. does la cucaracha sound familiar? i've noticed most of these critters just come out late at night. i forgot to mention the ants that were near the keyboard, but never seemed to sting us.

we took test two today after our trip and decided to do it right after church while less nocturnal creatures were out. it seemed to work out well.

anyways, i must say i've never taken a medical school test quite like these and will always remember the distractions that come while taking it in thailand. please, i'll take people coughing or getting up out of their seats anyday over these creepy crawlers. :)

it was a fun experience!



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