Wednesday, February 09, 2005

2. People are ranking

I just went to the Plastics website and this was posted yesterday, they didn't say what program they were from.

Just a note to the applicants. I'm a PGY-2 and our program made our rank list today. We were all very impressed at the caliber of our interviewees this year and struggled for about two hours to put people in order. Good luck to all of you. Just remember to rank programs in the order that you want them -- gaming the system doesn't help. And enjoy the rest of medschool. A few notes for next year's class . . . We always lean towards the known commodity when other factors are similar. (wonderful, wonder if that's how it is at the places I interviewd too) Do at least one visiting elective at a program where you think you would like to match. How do you know this before you've been there? Ask your advisor and the residents at your program about where you should look. They'll usually steer you in a pretty good direction. Again, good luck to this year's applicants. I remember the stress from two years ago . . . it was not pretty. Keep your heads up, have fun while you can, and we'll see some of you on Match Day.

Then they also said

We had our last interview last Friday. We have a meeting with all residents and faculty and make a preliminary list. The chairman and PD then go and edit it a bit. From what I saw last year, it didn't change much, since we got our #1 and #2 candidates from the prelim list. It's always good to let a chair/PD know that you want to be in their program. I'm not sure when lists are due, but time is running out.

We'll see, 5 weeks 'till match day. I sent another email to the PD of OK, and VA knows how I feel. I just love waiting!


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