Thursday, April 14, 2005

In Chiang Mai for the week...

Hello all,
well, I'm sittin' in an internet cafe - it is only 1 baht/2 minutes, that's like 1/2 a cent! Crazy cheap... I can't believe how cheap everything is over here - however, I have managed to find the most expensive things. My shoe fettish helped with that. I'm having soooooooo much fun that as I type this I am literally dizzy with exhaustion. My wrists are hurting so I'll have to type more. But I'll give y'all a taste of the past days events:
-my legs are sore from riding the elephants yesterday, I've spent a lot of the days soaking wet thanks to the holiday over here, and I have done some MAD shopping - interspersed w/ massages!
Love you all!


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