Monday, April 18, 2005


We really didn't want to leave Chiang Mai, but we had no choice. One of the missionaries, mindy, was our ride back. We actually had a really interesting trip. We hadn't met her yet and had a good time getting to know her on the long way back. she grew up in Papa New Guinea. You know that place with the head hunters at least they had head hunters until they were outlawed in the 1980's. Yeah. We were playing pong here in the U.S. and they were still chopping each other's heads off and eating them for dinner. That's crazy. This girl had some awesome stories. she told us about when they first got there and they were required to live with a tribe for five weeks and they had to live as they lived. Her older sister was 12 at the time and somehow through a big miscommunication she had questioned them about the big celebrations they threw. But the tribe, misinterpreted it to mean that she had become of age and had her first period. (can you imagine how embarrassed her sister was when she realized what she told them!) so basically, their family just ended up going through with it b/c it was just too big of a mix up. The head of the tribe informed them that it was tradition for the men of the family to go into the forest and were not allowed to come back until they had hunted enough to provide meat for the entire tribe (like 200 people)ฌธษ๊ธษณ๊ฌ็


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