Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh happy day

Well, first I want to start out by giving y'all (some of the Thai nurses that live here too speak Engish and I was asking them a question and *of course* I started it with "do y'all" you should have seen the look they gave me, they had NO idea what I was saying, or what y'all meant, they had never heard it) anyways, I wanted to give y'all an update on (I hope y'all are appreciating this updates because I endure many a bug bite at this computer). The girl below that I have a picture of - the one I'm giving the scalp injections was back in clinic this week, I had her come back after 2 weeks. And I am SOOOO excited for her, you would NOT believe how much her hair has grown back in just 2 weeks - thank all of you that were praying. All but one bald spot has so much hair growth. Actually that last one does too, it is just gray hair. Ok, I'll finish my happy day story in a minute. Zsila was helping the Ashburn twins with their chemistry but now she is done so we are going to go back to watching Anne of Green Gables, I love those movies. That and I am about to scratch myself to death. Ahhh!


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