Thursday, May 05, 2005

Everything went wrong, in Hong Konk by Zsila (my comments are in bold)

i have to type fast, but here's the scoop.

we had a layover in hong kong for five hours. so we got off the plane and took a train into the city then a fairy across to an island and took lots of pics of the skyline. it's all so high tech and definately not lacking in funds. it's very clean and sterile. it's like new york but more high tech. it's also kind of like san francisco b/c it's on a hilly island in the middle of the water. beautiful too!

okay, we made it back for our flight to aukland, NZ and had already checked our two suitcases from bangkok straight through to aukland. so we just had a huge backpack and smaller one to carry on in hong kong. well, as i try to go through the gate, a woman stops me and says my back pack won't fit in the over head compartment. i tried to nicely explain that it did in every other plane that is the same make and model of the one we're taking. she refused and showed me the dinky little basket that i was supposed to fit my bags in which were way smaller than the overhead space. so, then they told me to go check more bags in. julie was in the exact same boat. so, we go to check more stuff. they proceed to tell me it will be $250 U.S. !!!!!!!!!!! uhhm, hello, that is the price of another plane ticket somewhere. we had to pay supposedly b/c of the extra weight. of course we were overweight with luggage b/c we packed for a month in thailand and two different continents (and because we each have bought an entire other bag of stuff!). we both hurredly realized we were about to miss our flight so we just scrambled sitting on the floor in front of the checkout desk with everyone standing in line behind us watching us. (All the sudden it was like we were the only ones, in a room by ourselves, we HAD to figure out how to make it work). we both silently prayed for a miracle. we needed everything to fit as carry-on. They told us to throw away stuff. what was I supposed to throw away. so i started chunking shoes. good shoes! (I had a whole bag of stuff I was throwing away, shampoo & cond., I wripped the pages out of my journal that I had used, so much stuff, I was like what do I no *absolutely* need) then i had a revelation!!!! i pulled out all of the clothes and yelled for julie to start putting on all of her clothes and i would too. I already had pants and a shirt on. well, I then had three more pairs of pants on top of that. we were standing there in a panic just putting clothes on top of clothes. julie stuffed more shirts in her sleeves! (At least Zsila was wearing pants, I was wearing a skirt and had to put on Jeans under it, in the middle of the airport. It was totally nuts. We must have looked so rediculous standing there putting on every article of clothing we had with us, I Looked like a marshmellow! A shortsleeved shirt, several long sleeved shirts, a sweatshirt, AND my Jacket, in addition to several pairs of pants, I was sweatig like I'd never left Thailand.) I have never done anything more ludicrous or hilarious in my entire life in an airport. i passed inspection and made it in the gate without having to throw anythign away. wow!

we sat in the airplane hot as could be from all of our clothes we put on and had to take them all off and repack for our huge over head compartment space we had to put them in. a lady from NZ sat next to us who told us she had seen the whole thing. Man that was crazy. We were laughing hysterically as we sat and waited for the plane. Oh no, we have to go back through and do the same thing on our way home. please pray that we can pull it off again.



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