Sunday, April 24, 2005

No more curry!!! By Zsila

tonight at the birthday party, we all lined up to go to the buffet to get the thai food prepared for us. amy was with julie and i and she made sure to tell us to stay away from the "dried blood." i asked which dish it was and she said the one that was "brown." well, there were several dishes so i spotted one that was brown and decided to stay away from that. i was excited i saw a dish i like here called green curry chicken. you pour it over rice. amy and i were next to each other and as i was putting the curry on my plate, she said watch out for the brown things! what??? i thought they were on the dish next to mine. she said what i was mistakenly looking at was pork. the brown things she had been referring to were IN THE CURRY. hello! this is majorly important for me to know about. the dried blood was in my curry on my plate! what could i do? so, i went back to the table and thought i could just pick around the dried blood squares. suddenly it occured to me, that it was in a liquid medium and dried blood can dissolve! i took one bite and realized i think i was tasting blood.
needless to say, i put that plate to the side and focused only on the fruit.
just some fun surprises you find out about in other countries!

julie, on the otherhand, had her own crisis. she ate some fish and after getting a mouth full, proceded to tell us that she had about 12 bones in her mouth! she couldn't do anything, but excuse herself from the table and the room and deal with it in a bathroom.

i crossed another life stepping stone. dried blood, who knew?



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