Thursday, April 21, 2005

You know it's hot when...

-You ask the nurses that live near the clinic what they did today and they say, "Nothing. It was too hot. We couldn't do anything."
-The most important holiday in the entire country is centered around getting total strangers sopping wet
- you wake up in the morning covered by a bright red rash like nothing you've ever seen on your own body (except the time you had poison Ivy 3 times in 9th grade and had to keep going to the nurses office to put on Calamine lotion) and it's a weird rash because it doesn't itch. At first you are just red *all* over, they just in little spots all over. You finally realize, no you don't have a bunch of new bed buddies, you have a heat rash...If Julie has a heat rash we ALL know it MUST be hot!
- You take a shower in the middle of the day - with your clothes on - just to cool off before you take another nap.
- You pour water in your bed before you go to sleep at night.
- Before you pour the freezing cold water you've been hoarding in the freezer on your friend to freak her out, you pour it on yourself
- Being slimy starts to feel normal...


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