Thursday, May 05, 2005

Scared to death

We just arrived by plane in the south Island of New Zealand (we flew into the north island, at Aukland and stayed in a dorm in a hostel with some other people from Scotland & Colorado - it was actually a really cool dorm, a lot nicer than the one I stayed in in Rome, it had a dance club, an internet cafe, and a restaurant),
Anyways, my shoulders are in knots b/c Zsila had to drive into town from the
airport. .

Zsila couldn't find the paper that showed my proof of having my license renewed so I couldn't drive until we could find an internet cafe and print one out.

Why is that a problem you say? Aside from the fact that she
is already a very scary driver:
1. We have to drive on the left side of the road. (which comes w/ more problems than you realize).
2. It is a campervan
3. There are TONS of hills
3. It a stick - Zsila doesn't drive a stick...

But aside from making everyone in Queenstown infuriated, nearly hitting two people and a black dog - we finally found a parking spot (although I'm not sure you could say we were actually IN a parking spot, but we were at least in the parking LOT.

I really thought we might die, we were lurching and stalling all over
the place! What a day...

Alright, we're gonna go ride a gondola and have some hot chocolate, it's deliciously cool here!


P.S. We were thinking about going skydiving, but I think I had all the adrenaline I'll be needing for a while just on the drive into town, so I think we're going to just take a hot airballoon at Sunrise on Saturday - they provide a picnic breakfast and everything - I'm soooo excited!


Blogger comedyoferrors said...

I am praying you make it back to the US in one piece, and, hopefully, on the flights you are scheduled for:) SOunds like it has been one adventure after another. Love ya and miss ya.

11:47 PM

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