Sunday, July 23, 2006

One year later

I feel so far removed from those previous posts. Since then I have moved from Houston to Alabama - thanks to my family. That was actually a lot of fun. My entire family took off from work to load me into a Uhaul and drive me to Alabama. I found the most amazing loft there, *exactly* what I had been wanting, and loved every second of that place. I miss it - especially now considering I am sleeping on a friends air-mattress in a studio in Boston and my only other furniture consists of a pop-up chair I bought down the road at CVS and the unopened boxes I shipped here from Birmingham. I am only living in this place for the first month, I get to move next weekend to a place much closer to work. Right now I have to take a cab to work every morning, that's like $8-9 a day. Ugh. I walked once, the vagrant to me ratio was a little high, and who wants to walk 45 min to work at 430 in the morning! I'll keep taking a cab.
I don't think I actually miss Birmingham though, funny 'cause life is definitely no picnic right now. I guess because it's not home. I just miss Texas.
Intern year, what can I say. Compared to what I've experienced this past three weeks, Carraway was a complete cake walk. I knew I had it easy, except for those few months w/ those horrible residents, man they were awful...what makes people so unpleasant?
When I think of my year in Birminham I think of
-interviewing w/ Zsila, going on our little tour w/ our new found asian friend romeo, the botanical gardens - how birmingham should have been renamed perfectville.
-going down to find a place to live w/ my great Aunt Rhonda, and meeting Stephanie, the girl who showed me my loft, we turned out to be such great friends. Funny, we had both been in Thailand at the same time, 30 miles away from each other. Stephanie lived in my loft too, she and her brother shawn, and the rest of her family totally took me in. I'll always be grateful for them
-sitting in my loft on my red couch gazing out those hugh windows of what was once the chamber of commerce - sometimes living in an old building can be spooky, but I figured the worst thing that ever happened was that someone got fired.
-how beautiful Birmingham can be in the spring, *everything* blooms
-Jenny, what a great friend, walking the dogs


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