Friday, February 25, 2005

6. Epiphany of the Day

As I just quickly skimmed through my most recent blogs I had a somewhat disturbing epiphany - I'm like - an adult! Ugh, all that stuff I just wrote about - traveling to New York, dealing with patients, wondering what state I am about to move to, the fact that I am going to be a DOCTOR in 3 months. I mean, just walking down the street, getting my latte at my favorite coffee shop, talking to my sister on the phone, I am just ME, me looking out on the world. My world that really doesn't operate with a sense of how old I am, I just AM. But now, reading over these, it hits me how very adult all these happenings are. I'm not sure how I feel about all that...
I think tomorrow I am going to have to go make some prank calls, buy some ice cream, call my best friend and tell her about the cute guy I saw in the hall, take my shoes off and feel the grass get stuck between my toes (well, maybe not that part, I think it's going to be cold tomorrow and we all know how I feel about that), have my dad remind me that I shouldn't wear dark lipstick because guys will think I'm "loose" (that's about as close as my parents ever came to talking about the birds and the bees, well - that and the time I was 10 and my best friends, two identical twins I happened to look a lot like, and I asked my mom what it meant when people gave you the middle finger. Ha! that makes me laugh just thinking of her explanation, and her hand gestures, what a nut. Oh, and the books my dad tossed at us about 10 years after we already knew everything in them. It's called kids talk, not to mention the most uncomfortable class ever created - health class. This is random but there was some video we had to watch once and all I remember from it was some dude taking a shower and splashing the water on his face and then some voice warning that having your shower too hot can damage your eyesight - is that the weirdest thing you ever heard or what?!? I guess it made so little sense to me that it always bothered me - probably because I take such hot showers, thanks to my cold-naturedness and I always wondered if it would hurt my eyesight, but didn't care enough to just take warm showers, ANYWAYS, yeah, they never taught us that in medshool. MAN, can I ramble), and then - remember, I'm saying what I am going to do tomorrow, which now as I type is almost today - I'm going to write in my little pink diary with the tiny key and then lie there and dream about what I am going to be when I grow up - you know, after I become a plastic surgeon...


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