Sunday, March 01, 2009

chicago 0711 on 3/1/09

On the interview trail again - somehow I thought catching a plane from Indianapolis at 0600 sounded like a swell idea. Obviously I did not think that one through - but I did save a buck...I had to wake up at 0330 to meet the car downstairs outside the hotel at 0400 - and Indiana is an hour ahead of us - which I also did not account for - so basically I've been up since 0230 this morning - great. I was interviewing for my plastic surgery fellowship at the university of Indiana. I got there the evening before and since the night was still relatively young I decided to catch the hotel shuttle to downtown and do a little shopping - but then I got sidetracked when I met some guy that announces for motorcross - and I wouldn't have known what that was save for the commercial I saw in my hotel room right before I left. Anyhoo, I was hungry and ended up eating dinner with him and his friend and a place called St. Elmo. GREAT steak, one of the best filet mignons I've ever had - mmmmmm I can still taste it! Anyway, had some decent conversation, met some of the racers including some guy from New Zealand I got to chat with a little, and apparently the owner of one of the teams who happened to be the son of the owner of the redskins - whatever... I was unimpressed. Coy I think his name was. Come to think of it he was more cocky than coy - but it was only a 30 second conversation - I think I was just offended because I'm pretty sure he insulted the great state of Texas - who would do that?!? Soooo, I did not do any shopping but I did get treated to a great meal and got 2 press box passes for the motorcross show the next night - unforunately - it never happened. The friend I met at interviews, nice gal from Cali, and I went to dinner when apparently we should have been leaving for the motorcross. By the time we got there and the shuttle dropped us of about a MILE from the stadium and we ran because we were so cold (I was loosing feeling in my face and my fingers) the promotional will call booth was closed and my friend was in the middle of announcing and couldn't come down. For whatever reason it just wasn't meant to be. The bartender at the hotel where we ate did look at us a little funny and declare that we didn't look like the motorcross type. I'll take that as a complement but I still thought it would have been a cool countercultural experience. Oh well! At least I tried!
Boarding in 20 minutes....tried to sleep but couldn't - which ultimately led me to pay the $9.99/month for this airport service so I could get online and google: "pop-up cot travel airport" to no avail, so I went to facebook to pose the question to anyone who will listen if they knew of where I could purchase said cot - and if not to state that I would invent said cot and make millions. I actually have quite a nice design in my little head...
Anytime I tell someone I'm from Austin they kind of ooow and aaaaw. Funnny. It is a great town though.

Alright, that's my update..


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