Monday, March 01, 2010

Not really likin' life too much right now. ALL I do is work - and I really don't enjoy it. It's stressful, there is rarely any gratitude, and I feel like I am wasting my youth...This weekend Geoff and the kids went to one of our good friends funeral. Why am I not there? Good question. Selfish coworkers? maybe - probably. I don't know - I may never know. At any rate I'm here - with this darn dog we got for Amber, finally home from the hospital I've been at ALL weekend. I used think I was a dog person (I am *definitely* not a cat person). But this dog - ugh, I just don't know. He is very "bitey" Why can't he just be cuddly and sweet - not the best personality. Makes me never want a dog again. Anyways, the most encouragement I get at work is from the janitors and the lunch ladies - how sad is that. "It will pay off - don't worry honey. In the end it will all be worth it." I hope they're right...I would NEVER encourage my kids to go to med-school. In fact I would *strongly* discourage it. It may possibly get better later - but there is a hellish decade spent smack dab in your youth. I don't know, maybe life is just harder for everyone after a certain age? I'd like to write a book - interview tons of people - the janitors I used to envy - yes, envy - how much stress could they have - emptying that trash the wrong way is not going to kill anyone, the patients, the teachers, the doctors...Yes, I will write a book - on life and expectations and perceptions and on reality - that is, If I'm gone from work long enough to do it - I will.